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Armidale Emmaus Church is a fellowship of Christians who believe Jesus is the eternal Son of God who took our guilt when He was crucified.
We believe God raised Him from the dead and one day, He will raise us to spend eternity with Him.
We delight in the Word of God, and at our worship service on Sundays the focus is on learning more about the Bible.
In all we do, we seek to worship God with reverence and awe, and encourage each other to live lives worthy of our calling as Christians.
Armidale Emmaus Church meets every Sunday at 10am, currently in a variety of homes due to COVID-19 restrictions.
We are the remnant of the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia (PCEA) and moved into the community hall on Faulkner Street, Armidale in 2012.
We are a Reformed Evangelical Church with a focus on sound, Biblical teaching.
We also sing from the Psalms, unaccompanied.
Above all, we’re a friendly bunch who will welcome you, no matter your background.

Other church activities
  • Weekly Thursday prayer meetings at 4pm
  • Social get-togethers
  • Lunch after church every Sunday

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